Through teaching the five basic tenets of taekwondo (courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirt) and with the support of our instructors and our students who are all part of our Ko's family, each student will develop focus, respect, overall good health and strength and self-confidence. Take a look at the classes we have to offer! Click here for our class schedules.



Tiny Tots is a developmental program at our Columbus location with classes designed specifically for students 4 to 5 years old.  The goal of this program is to teach children active listening skills, respect, focus and self-confidence which serve as a strong foundation for personal growth.

The skills acquired in this program will help your child learn to persevere through challenges to achieve goals while maintaining a positive attitude.  Through learning developmental and technical skills, your child will have a solid foundation to graduate to our bigger classes.

These classes are approximately 30 minutes long and each class will have a certified instructor working with your child.

Registration is ongoing, but class size is limited to ten (10) students so please contact us before coming in.

See our class schedules for class times.



Through consistency and perseverance, your child will develop a Black Belt attitude.  This means one thing, “Never give up!”  From the very first class, your child will learn the importance of eye contact, listening, and respect.  We help parents of children instill the life skills and values inherent in the martial arts which results in overall positive behavior at home, at school and on the playing field.

Self-discipline is the key to success by having a “never quit” attitude.  Our instructors consistently use praise and positive feedback to encourage and motivate students to do their best.  Our belt system is designed to give students goals to achieve, teaching them the power of goal-setting.  

Testing for each new belt level gives students the opportunity to perform in front of their peers, family and Grand Master Ko!  This is a tremendous honor for each student to be presented with a new belt by a World Certified Grand Master!

With the self-discipline and the self-defense moves that are taught in our school as part of our curriculum, your child will be equipped with important behaviors, proper techniques and the self-confidence to overcome many of life's challenges and negative situations, and to succeed in life!

See our class schedules for class times.



Taekwondo is a great way to bring families closer together.  When students join Ko’s they not only become members of our school, they also become part of our Taekwondo family.  

Family members of all ages may train together side by side. Also, parents have the opportunity to reinforce at home the same life lessons that are taught in our classes.  Studies have shown that when people do an activity together the success rate is much greater!  The goal of a Black belt is an awesome one that will bring your family closer together.  Through consistent family practice both at the school and at home, achieving this goal together will be rewarding and the memories priceless.  

At Ko’s Martial Arts Academy you can be confident that you and your family will have the support of other families as well as our instructors.  It is our goal to make our school a valuable resource to your family by providing opportunities to exercise, socialize, network, and strengthen the family bond while practicing the art of Taekwondo.

See our class schedules for class times.



How much do you value your physical and mental health?  Practicing Martial Arts improves your health, helps you manage stress, improves your focus and helps you be more motivated in life.  Everyone wants to be healthy, although it is often too easy to lose motivation with exercise routines due to monotony and repetition.  Our Taekwondo classes offer variety and a challenging curriculum.  

Measuring your progress and setting goals for yourself are key factors to keeping motivated in any activity.  Grand Master Ko has personally created a curriculum that is challenging, rewarding and fun.  Every level of our belt ranking system enables students to grow while learning more about the art of Taekwondo.

In each session, you will have the opportunity to work on balance, endurance, focus, flexibility, strength, technique and coordination. With the addition of our conditioning class every Friday, you will burn more calories, and improve even more your footwork, overall strength and balance, and have fun!

See our class schedules for class times.



Our conditioning classes are 50 minute, high energy, fast paced classes focusing on overall strength, endurance and health.  We utilize speed ladders, resistance bands, kick paddles, and medicine balls incorporating strength, balance, footwork, endurance, and mental fortitude, which are key elements of Taekwondo and of any sport. In these classes students encourage each other and work together to achieve their own highest levels of fitness while having fun! 

Conditioning classes are every Friday, starting at 4:00 at our Columbus location and 5:00 at our Greenwood location, and are open to our current students who are encouraged to come in to exercise in order to improve their overall fitness.

Our classes are separately designed for Children (ages 4 and up), Teens (ages 13 and up), Women, Men.

*Students may be asked to move up to more challenging classes depending on their physical abilities.

See our class schedules for class times.



Sparring class is conducted twice a month on Saturdays at Ko’s Martial Arts at both our Columbus and Greenwood schools.  The goal of program is to give students the opportunity to learn the Olympic style of taekwondo free sparring.

Students are educated on the sparring rules and regulations set forth by the World Taekwondo Federation.  This training helps students understand the scoring procedure exactly as it is scored at the Olympics and USA Taekwondo sanctioned events.

The conditioning portion of this class helps individuals with footwork, stamina, speed, and overall health.  The first hour of these classes is conditioning and the second hour consists of combination drills and contact sparring.

Students are required to have the following gear:

Head Gear
Chest Guard
Shin Guards
Foot Guards
Fist Guards
Forearm Guards
Cup (Males)

*Any additional protection must be approved by the Head Instructor.

*This class is NOT included in your regular membership. Please ask for details.